the fact that Jeremy have proudly said a several times that this “time the hawk speaks” makes me really happy, because you can tell that he was not okay at all with the lack of development that his character had at “The Avengers”, so now that the tables have turned he is enjoying every second of it, and I love that.

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Mads Mikkelsen in Blomsterfangen (1996)

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there’s patriotism and then there’s captain america and then there’s enjolras

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“On camera he acts like a very staid, stoic individual, but if you go to a club with him you don’t want to be near him when he gets on the dance floor. I’ve seen him standing there screaming at the top of his lungs, completely out of character.”
— Burn Gorman, (on Gareth David-Lloyd)

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So, we sat down with Mads and pitched what the show was to him.  Even in that very first meeting, he said, “So, this character is a bit like Lucifer.  He sees the beauty in the world and in humanity, but is also punitive to those who don’t recognize beauty in the world and in humanity.

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When I watched X-Men Days of Future Past I secretely hoped this would happen xD

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hannibal + parallels: freddie & frederick

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